Butler E-Valuate™

Case Study – Assembly Energy Efficiency Comparison

Butler Manufacturing needed a customized tool for their builders to compare various wall and roof assemblies. Strategic Evolution provided an application that allows the user to input building size and location, then select up to 3 different wall or roof assemblies. Using climate, building type and operating times, the system calculates the cost and energy efficiency of each assembly. The responsive application can be accessed from any device and provides printable reports the builder can present to the customer.

  • Deliverables

    • Web application system for comparing multiple assemblies
    • Administration system for climate zone data & assemblies
    • Real-time graphing to demonstrate cost savings
    • Printable Reports
  • Requirements

    • Must be responsive to work for all devices
    • Completely Ajax – No page refreshing or postbacks
    • Calculate energy usage off hourly climate data without delay
    • Multi-branded to allow subsidiaries to use their own assemblies

Technologies Employed

    • Microsoft .Net Platform

      • Microsoft Asp.Net 4.0 WebForms – Base Page & Login
      • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) – Ajax Endpoints
    • Data Storage

      • Sql Server 2008 Data Warehouse
      • Indexes / Indexed views used for performance
    • Open Source Tools

      • SubSonic– Strongly Typed Data Access
      • jQuery– Used for Ajax and the responsive UI with no postbacks
      • EPPlus – Excel report generation
      • wkhtmltopdf – Generating PDFs from beautiful HTML reports