Grosh Scenic Rentals

 Case Study – Warehouse Management Automation

Grosh Backdrops and Drapery, a theatrical backdrop rental and sales company, requested Strategic Evolution develop a custom warehouse management solution that consolidated and updated their existing warehouse procedures and software.

  • Management web application

    • Displays current orders and their statuses.
    • Provides the ability to re-print, cancel and correct addresses for FedEx shipping/return labels.
    • Provides reports for daily shipments, changed orders and FedEx receivables
    • Provides functionality to monitor/notify clients with delayed returns
  • Mobile Application

    • Via handheld scanner, tracks the picking, packing, printing and shipping of orders.
    • Provides ability to group order items into boxed shipments.
    • Automates the creation/printing of FedEx return and shipping labels.
  • Technologies Employed

    • Microsoft .Net Platform

      • Asp.Net MVC 3.5 for Web Applications
      • Windows Mobile 6 bar-code Scanner Application
      • WCF for authenticated back-end access
    • Integrations

      • R2 rental software
      • Fed Ex Web Services
    • Data Storage

      • Oracle 10g
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