Swan & Hercules Global Logistics

Case Study – Facility Unloading Software

Looking to bring technology to their industry, SHGL decided to build a system for tracking their unloading and special project work orders. Working closely with the client, we determined the requirements and got to work. Roughly 3 months later, we entered production and their first client went live. The system presently handles thousands of transactions a week, and users in the field are enjoying it’s ease of use. Due to Swan & Hercules success, we have had the pleasure to continue working with them on new and exciting features as their business expands.

  • Deliverables

    • Create a system for capturing unloading transactions
    • Time Card system for tracking employee time & pay
    • Touch screen tablet version with offline mode & syncing
    • Client Portal for advanced reporting and invoicing
  • Requirements

    • Must scale to support thousands of transactions a day
    • Extreme flexibility to support differences in facility processes and terminology
    • Support occasionally connected environments
    • Security to keep client data separate

Technologies Employed

    • Microsoft .Net Platform

      • Microsoft Asp.Net 4.0 for Web Application
      • Windows Forms Tablet Application
      • Telerik RadControls for Rich UI
      • WebAPI for authenticated back-end access
    • Data Storage

      • Sql Server 2008 Data Warehouse
      • Sql Compact for local tablet temporary data storage
      • Indexes / Indexed views used for performance
    • Open Source Tools

      • Dapper.Net– ORM for data access. Used by sites like stackoverflow for performance
      • jQuery– Creating responsive user interfaces on web application
      • Json.NET – High performance Json framework
      • EPPlus – Excel report generation
      • wkhtmltopdf – Generating PDFs from beautiful HTML reports
    • Integrations

      • Authorize.Net- Capture Credit Card payments
      • Humanic – Payroll Automatic for 1,000’s of employees
      • Great Plains – Accounting Integration for Invoicing
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